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/* vim:set et sts=4: */
#ifndef __M17NUTIL_H__
#define __M17NUTIL_H__

#include <ibus.h>
#include <m17n.h>

#define INVALID_COLOR ((guint)-1)
/* default configuration */
#define PREEDIT_FOREGROUND 0x00000000
#define PREEDIT_BACKGROUND 0x00c8c8f0

00013 struct _IBusM17NEngineConfig {
    /* engine rank */
    gint rank;

    /* whether to highlight preedit */
    gboolean preedit_highlight;

typedef struct _IBusM17NEngineConfig IBusM17NEngineConfig;

void           ibus_m17n_init_common       (void);
void           ibus_m17n_init              (IBusBus     *bus);
GList         *ibus_m17n_list_engines      (void);
IBusComponent *ibus_m17n_get_component     (void);
gchar         *ibus_m17n_mtext_to_utf8     (MText       *text);
gunichar      *ibus_m17n_mtext_to_ucs4     (MText       *text,
                                            glong       *nchars);
guint          ibus_m17n_parse_color       (const gchar *hex);
              *ibus_m17n_get_engine_config (const gchar *engine_name);
void           ibus_m17n_config_set_string (IBusConfig  *config,
                                            const gchar *section,
                                            const gchar *name,
                                            const gchar *value);
gboolean       ibus_m17n_config_get_string (IBusConfig  *config,
                                            const gchar *section,
                                            const gchar *name,
                                            gchar      **result);
void           ibus_m17n_config_set_int    (IBusConfig  *config,
                                            const gchar *section,
                                            const gchar *name,
                                            gint         value);
gboolean       ibus_m17n_config_get_int    (IBusConfig  *config,
                                            const gchar *section,
                                            const gchar *name,
                                            gint        *result);

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